What is Uterine Cancer Treatment?

Susan K. Williford, M.D., Medical Oncologist Explains

Understanding Uterine Cancer Treatment

Treatment of uterine cancer is usually surgical resection or removal of the uterus and surrounding tissue. Sometimes we also use radiation therapy which is high-dose x-ray either given externally by a machine or inserted into the vagina area by an implant.


Chemotherapy is usually not used for endometrial cancer except in later stages or for high-risk cancers. Today we have new surgical techniques such as laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery that could make a woman’s recovery quicker.

Own Your Uterine Cancer Treatment

What is TrialJectory?

Personalized uterine cancer treatment options. 100% Free.

“This is important for every cancer patient to know: You have to advocate for yourself. Don’t take no for an answer too easily” 

Dr. Bernard Chinnasami,
Medical Director & Senior Oncologist


“Anyone who has to hear the words ‘you have cancer’ should see what’s a match at TrialJectory right away.”

Hailey Werge,
Breast Cancer patient

“Patients with cancer treated in clinical trials lived longer”

Penn State Cancer Institute – 2020 study of 12 million patients

“Cancer patients enrolled in clinical trials receive the best management of care” 

 -NCCN 2019 Guidelines

How TrialJectory Empowers Uterine Cancer Patients

Know YOUR Uterine Cancer Treatment Options

Uterine cancer research is evolving so rapidly it’s become impossible for oncologists to be aware of all options. TrialJectory creates a personalized list of uterine cancer clinical trials that matches your exact diagnosis.

AI Decision Assistance

Our artificial intelligence technology curates massive volumes of uterine cancer research data and instantly presents it in easy to understand language. You can share the results with your oncologist and together make the right decisions about your uterine cancer treatment. 

You’re Not Alone

See the uterine cancer treatments of other patients like you with our Treatment Finder. You’ll see how many patients received different treatments and the same treatments, the outcome, and which clinical trials they were matched to.

No Big Budget Bias

Explore options without the influence of drug company and hospital advertising budgets. The company that spends the most on marketing their uterine cancer drugs should not determine your cancer treatment. 

"TrialJectory researched all cancer treatment options. They've been amazing"​

Brenda Shawley

Colon Cancer Patient


Ready to Own Your Uterine Cancer Journey?

  1. Complete the uterine cancer questionnaire
  2. Receive your personalized list of uterine cancer trials 
  3. Compare patients’ treatment like yours
  4. Learn about the treatment or trial that’s right for you
  5. Get the guidance you need

Advanced Uterine Cancer Treatments Need You

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