Everything You Wanted to Learn About the innovative Cell and CAR T- Cell Therapy And Were Afraid to Ask, Engineering Patients’ Immune Cells to Treat Their Cancers

Join a Live Zoom with Dr. Joshua Mansour M.D. BMT & Cellular Immunotherapy Physician Friday, February 26th 2021 at 4pm EST

Cell and CAR T -Cell Therapy are innovative therapeutic, which has quickly become the primary treatment method for both clinical trials as well as approved protocols. 

What is CAR T- Cell therapy and what makes it so popular nowadays? Which cancers is it used for?  And how can we engineer patients’ immune cells to treat their cancers

Join Dr. Joshua Mansour M.D. to learn everything you need to know about this advanced treatment therapy that is used to fight most types  of cancers these days. 

Join us on Friday, February 26th 2021 at 4 pm EST to learn everything there is to know about CAR T-Cell Therapy!