The latest research shows that cancer patients who are empowered to make decisions about their health have significantly better outcomes – this is what we want for you!

The first step is to own your cancer journey

We have created a toolkit that will help you in your cancer journey, step by step. It includes questions to ask your doctor, pointers for information gathering, as well as direction on how to decide on the next steps. And no matter what stage you are of the disease or in the process, there’s always hope, time and room to explore more options – and we can help you find those, do not hesitate to contact us!

How to Choose The Right Cancer Treatment For You

Once diagnosed with cancer you face many emotions, questions, and fears. Today’s world offers many more options to fight cancer than what it used to, and you should consider all options before starting treatment. Fighting cancer and trying to find, understand and choose THE RIGHT treatment is not easy and we can help you navigate and own your path to recovery.