TrialJectory Patient Match Optimizer

Accelerate patient enrollment with real-world, real-time data tracking and analysis

What is the TrialJectory Patient Match Optimizer?

TrialJectory’s Patient Match Optimizer allows Pharma to monitor, track and analyze the barriers keeping cancer patients from enrolling into clinical trials. By accessing the backend of our award-winning patented AI-powered trial matching platform, Pharma can take action on real-world, real-time patient data to improve trial operations and design, streamlining the patient’s path to enrollment.

Track and Monitor the Patient Enrollment Journey

Trialjectory’s unique platform not only matches but also supports patients throughout their enrollment process. The Patient Match Optimizer tracks and monitors patient barriers like site locations, required testing, current treatments, drug side effects, and many more.

Actions on Patient Data that Expedites Time to Market

Eligibility criteria is critical, but what if some just aren’t that important? What if they are keeping you from reaching your trial’s enrollment targets. How would you know? TrialJectory shows you exactly which criteria the patients are not meeting, if a specific group of patients are being excluded and what would happen to your pool of potential patients if you changed them.

Ensure Trial Diversity

The world’s largest Pharma companies are already taking action on the data uncovered by the Patient Match Optimizer. Requirements around pre-existing conditions that result in a strong bias in the patient demographics have been adjusted. Protocols related to the number of hospital visits have been altered. New clinical site locations have been opened. All decisions backed by real-world, real-time patient data.

Patient Enrollment 40% Faster

Due to TrialJectory’s direct relationship with every patient, Pharma companies using the Patient Match Optimizer also benefit from the hundreds of patient’s applying for trials on our platform everyday. More traditional and digital channels for acquiring patients, pale in comparison to our highly engaged community of cancer patients.

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