Dear community, 

As the world is focusing on Coronavirus, cancer patient treatment is being postponed, receiving a lower priority. 

The impact on us cancer patients is unacceptable! 

The long term consequences of surgeries, treatments and tests that are getting postponed and rescheduled can cost us our lives!

There are 2 million new cancer patients every year in the US alone, and over 17 million globally.

600,000 patients die every year from cancer.

We need to fight for us and them! 

We need to continue reducing the rate of mortality, not increase it. 

As a society we’re responsible to fight the Coronavirus while not ignoring the needs of those fighting cancer. 

Has your treatment and/or tests been postponed? Please take this quick 5 question survey to let us know how Coronavirus is impacting your cancer treatment, so we can use this information to advocate for our community during this difficult time. 

Coronavirus Impact Survey

Always here to help,

Tzvia Bader, CEO and Co-founder