These days being a cancer patient is more challenging than ever before. The coronavirus may not have reached its peak but the anxiety and fear around it are sure getting there. The mass confusion and great unknown are scary for “normal” people, let alone cancer patients. Stress and confusion that everybody around us is experiencing is 100 times worse for us cancer patients, especially for those with a weak immune system.

There is no doubt we need to be extra careful these days and minimize exposure to other people, (as if cancer by itself did not make you feel isolated enough!) but better to be safe than sorry.

As doctors are still struggling to figure out how to treat it, we have these four tips for you:

  1. Try to avoid crowded places and public transportation – if you do find yourself there, try to stay six feet away from the people around you.
  2. Keep washing your hands, and avoid touching your face.
  3. Meditate to reduce stress level – meditation does not have to be sitting still breathing. I meditate while walking or doing yoga.
  4. Read to educate yourself, here is one reliable source of information:
  The American Cancer Society guidance.

If you have any questions about how to best manage the disease and the anxiety around it, please send them to me. We are working closely with our experts to come up with answers.

Tzvia Bader, CEO and Co-Founder of TrialJectory