Anyone of us who ever went through chemotherapy and other treatments that compromise the immune system knows exactly what it means to be scared of viruses and the flu. We know all too well about the importance of keeping away from others, and the psychological and emotional effects of months and months of quarantine.

The new reality demanding quarantine from entire groups and populations, means further isolation for us cancer patients. Going to hospitals, tests, surgeries and treatments with less or no support can take a significant toll on your overall health. It’s an unnecessary price to pay! 

We need our village to continue fighting the beast and winning! 


Here’s what you can do:

  1. Start using virtual support. Meet via FREE video conferencing tools such FaceTime, Google Hangout, Zoom or Skype to maintain that support and stay TOGETHER. Take your virtual family or friend support system with you as you go to the hospital. Call them when you are back home exhausted. A virtual hug can go a long way!
  2. Reach-out to support groups. There’s a ton of support groups on Facebook, and most hospitals and organizations offer their own online – search online or contact us! We are connected to many groups and can help you find the right one for you. Email us at
  3. Get our new COVID-19 Monitor App for Cancer Patients – In partnership with CareInnovations and PRA Health Sciences, we’re offering this FREE app to monitor for symptoms and speak directly to nurses. You have to first register for the app here before you can download it.
  4. Meditate and find spiritual on-line guidance. We recommend apps such as Insight Timer or Ten Percent  to help you meditate. If you are not into meditation, taking a brisk walk (if you can) or writing down your feelings can help too.

We at TrialJectory are here to help! 

Let us know when you are in treatment and we will be there with you. We can do a call or video chat. Whatever you prefer. Just select the time at this link. 

You are not fighting alone!  

Always here to help 

Tzvia – CEO and cancer patient