What’s New in Clinical Trials for Cancer Patients?

Clinical trials are a safe way to gain access to patient care alternatives that are being evaluated by top companies and health care organizations – they offer novel and potentially life-saving treatments to participants before those treatments become available on the open market. Understanding clinical trials is key to participating and possibly benefitting from these groundbreaking treatments.

So, what’s different these days?

Virtually everything is new in clinical trials: the drugs, science, innovation, and devices used in clinical trials are state-of-the-art. More importantly – a lot of the thinking around clinical trials has gone through a massive evolution , as well – you can now participate in trials earlier in your course of treatment than when was previously possible, which means that you can act more quickly to significantly improve your health. The control of which trials to use, and when, is now shifting toward the patient. It’s now up to you, or you, together with your doctor, to examine your options and decide when to take advantage of which trial, and you don’t have to wait as long as you used to. Clinical trials are not just a last resort!

Will I get better?

When it comes down to it, drugs in clinical trials are the most innovative and advanced drugs out there. The goal is to make you healthier. Current research points to excellent outcomes for clinical trial patients, surpassing the standard of care in many cases. That’s why doctors and patients today are encouraged to look at clinical trial opportunities at every step of the patient journey, starting immediately after diagnosis.

What about a placebo?

Placebo is rarely used on its own in oncology trials, and in the vast majority of cases, is used in addition to the standard of care. It is extremely rare for a patient in a clinical trial to receive placebo by itself.

Advanced Care

Quite simply, you get more TLC as a clinical trial patient – pharmaceutical companies and trial sponsors provide you, as a clinical trial participant, with the closest follow-up, monitoring, and supportive care, to ensure accurate assessment of treatment. This means you get the highest level of care available.

What’s the advantage of using TrialJectory?

We promise to make finding a clinical trial that suits you easier, not harder.

We understand what it means and feels like to be a cancer patient, and our goal is to help you get better – it’s as simple as that. We handle patient data with the utmost care and compliance and we are constantly improving our advanced algorithmic matching system to serve both patients and the innovative companies that aim to help them.

We have a database of more than 18,000 recruiting clinical trials. We use precise patient profile information you provide so that we can give you a personalized list of trials that match your profile. You’ll see options right away. With TrialJectory, you’ll find your match in about five minutes and get on your way to wellness.